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Nostrification is the process of granting recognition to a degree from a foreign university. Nostrification is a precondition for entering the Czech university as well as getting a work permission. An academic certificate gets assessed by evaluating number of hours of school program for the last two years. In order to get recognized your school document must specify at least 2301 hours of study for that period. In Czech Republic pupils study 13 years and to confirm that you possess enough education as it is required in Czech Republic there are examinations to take. Usually, having considered documents submitted, the Ministry of Youth and Sport decides on the number of examinations to be taken. Most often there are 3 examinations in general subjects held in one of secondary schools of the city. It is allowed to take an exam in Russian with an interpreter. Those studied for more than 10 years (for example, college graduates) do not have to take these exams. Personal presence is not compulsory. Nostrification of diploma takes averagely 30-60 days after its application to a university of the same or similar specialty. Taking examinations and personal presence are not required.

Service cost - 5000 Kc secondary school diploma.

University diploma - 7500 Kc.