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Health insurance is the must have for every foreigner in Czech Republic. Whenever a foreigner leaves home or hotel he must have an ID and health insurance with him.

Which health insurance do you need?

  • 1. Travel insurance: if your visit to the country lasts less than 90 days. Such insurance covers necessary costs associated with an emergency medical service in Czech Republic during the term of your short stay in the country. Usually a consulate approves just any insurance certificate from any insurance company and can even provide a list of local companies that can issue such an insurance;
  • 2. If you come to Czech Republic for the first time and your visa permits your staying for the term that exceeds 90 days or you have a permission for a long-term residence then you must have an insurance for emergency medical help with a cover of at least €60,000 issued by a Czech insurance company, ideally with a Czech payment receipt. Details can be found here You have an option to buy a complex health insurance if you like: in case of extension of your 6-month visa it will be necessary to get a complex health insurance certificate and buying it just once can save you money.
  • 3. If you extend your visa or a permission for a long-term residence right in Czech Republic you will need to get a complex health insurance with a coverage of at least €60,000 issued by a Czech insurance company. Such insurance will let you get not just an emergency medical service

Cost: the cost of health insurance depends on many factors and varies all the time. Leave us a request for a heath insurance you want specifying its type and the term and you will get the best offer within 24 hours.