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Certified translation.

Certified translation is an official translation of documents for government bodies. First of all, it is important to determine the language of translation and, hence, the country where the documents are to be submitted.

If the translation is for official authorities of Czech Republic?

Certified translation is a translation of a document made or certified by a court (sworn) interpreter who is authorized by the competent Regional Court of the Czech Republic to conduct his activity and who is listed in the register of experts and interpreters of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic. The activity of a court interpreter of the Czech Republic is regulated by Law № 36/1967 of the Code of Laws of the Czech Republic.

  • • the translation is attached to the source document (original document or notarized copy of the original document);
  • • in the end of the document there is a certifying interpreter's signature that contains information of the court that assigned the interpreter, date and number of the assignation as well as the number, date and location where the translation is done;
  • • there is an official stamp of the Czech Republic attached to the translation, it contains the name of interpreter and languages he is authorized to translate.

Usually certified translations are required for the official documents that are submitted to the government bodies (certificate of birth, marriage or death as well as diplomas, attestations, constituent documents etc). Thus for translation it is recommended to provide notarized copies of original documents. Original documents should be provided in case temporary documents are needed (certificate of good conduct, bank reference, claim, power of attorneys etc).

Price for translation to Czech with no certifying

1 standard page (1 800 symbols) - 200 Kc (7.5 Euro)

Price for standard documents translation:

Certificate of good conduct - 200 Kc (7.5 Euro)

Bank reference - 200 Kc (7.5 Euro)

Academic certificate including supplement - 400 Kc (15 Euro)

New diploma sample (wallpaper degree + 60 subjects in a supplement) - 900 Kc (34 Euro)

Old sample diploma - 200 Kc per standard page (7.5)

Birth certificate - 200 Kc (7.5 Euro)

Marriage certificate - 200 Kc (7.5 Euro)

School transcripts for 1 year - 200 Kc (7.5 Euro)

School transcripts for 2-5 years - 250 Kc (9.4 Euro)

Certificate of completed hours in school for 1 year - 200 Kc (7.5 Euro)

Certificate of completed hours in school for 2-5 years - 250 Kc (9.4 Euro)

Notarized parental consent for traveling of a minor - 200 Kc (in case of more than 1 standard page price depends on actual amount of symbols) (7.5 Euro)

Power of attorney form for representation of child’s interests in Czech Republic - 200 Kc (in case of more than 1 standard page price depends on actual amount of symbols) (7.5 Euro)

Notarizing by a sworn translator - 80 Kc (3 Euro)

Notarized translation duplicates - 100 Kc (3.7 Euro)

Within 24 hours after you send to us non standard documents or that are not in the list above we will let you know about the price of translation.