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A foundation year with a preparation to entering the university.

This program is designed for foreigners with a Starter level of Czech who are willing to obtain B2 level. Groups of 9-13 students are taught by qualified professionals with a broad experience in educating international undergraduates 4 times a week for 4 hours each session. By the end of this course applicants receive a certificate proving level B2 of the Czech after taking the state language examination.

Program consists of (chronological order):

  • - Consultations and a hand in collecting and applying documents for the consulate, including filling in of forms and preparation to an interview;
  • - Meeting in Brno and accompanying to the place of living;
  • - Connecting to a local mobile network;
  • - Making an ISIC (International Student Identity Card);
  • - Registration at MOI of the Czech Republic;
  • - Обзорную экскурсию по городу;
  • - Czech language course of 560 hours;
  • - Nostrification organisation of your educational certificate (secondary school leaving certificate or diploma);
  • - Unlimited number of consultations on any questions of life in Czech Republic;
  • - Profiled course preparation to a first choice university;
  • - Help and consultations on visa extension;
  • - 24/7 medical care in case of emergency;
  • - Individual approach to your needs and expectations with attentive and human understanding;

Program does not include international mail and visa fees as well as the accommodation costs.*

Course durability - 560 hours.

Beginning - 1 October and 1 November.

Tuition fee - 103 800 Kc.

Preparation disciplines course for entering the university and a nostrification are included.